Miller Family

Grandmaster Miller is part of a large family – 5 brothers and 1 sister. All the brothers (in order of age) Michael, Gary, David, Ian, and Mark promoted to Black Belt under Rhee Ki Ha. Snr. Master Miller promoted to 8th Dan on 6th June 2010. Mr Ian Miller holds 5th Degree. Mr Michael Miller, who died aged 38 in a motorcycle accident, held a 4th Degree. Mark is also an International Instructor having trained on the ITF Special Courses in Moscow 1990 & in Slovakia 2006 under Master Ri Yong Sok VIII. David currently holds a 2nd Degree.

Heidi Miller (Master Miller’s sister) holds a 5th Kup.

In the new generation of Millers, Snr. Master Miller’s daughter Faye and son Liam both hold a 1st Dan while daughter Kirsty holds a 3rd Dan. Danielle and James (Michael’s children) both achieved 3rd Kup. David’s son Darren (Died 2002 aged 16) was an 8th kup, and his daughter Kimberley practised up to 6th Kup. Mark’s son Rees is 8th kup.

So the Miller family is a real TKD dynasty!

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