6th Kup


Terminology Applicable to 6th Kup


Won-Hyo (28 movements): Won-Hyo was the noted monk who introduced Buddhism to the Silla Dynasty in the year 686 ad.

Gojung Sogi Fixed stance
Goburyo Sogi ‘A’ Bending stance ‘A’
Moa Sogi Close stance
Moa Junbi Sogi ‘A’ Close ready stance ‘A’ – Hands level with your philtrum
Body Parts:
Baldung Instep
Balkut Toes
Bokboo Abdomen
Chiboo Pubic region
Mori Head
Myong Chi Solar plexus
Attacking movements:
Dwit Cha Jirugi Back piercing kick
Sonkal Annuro Taerigi Knifehand inward strike
Yop Jirugi Side punch
Defensive movements:
Dollimyo Makgi Circular block
Palmok Daebi Makgi Forearm gaurding block
Ibo Matsoki Two-step sparring. A combination of any hand and any foot attack in either order; attacker in L-Stance, defender in parallel stance.
General Terms:
Gong gyuk gi Attack techniques
Bang eo gi Defence techniques
Ha bansin Foot parts
Sang bansin Hand parts

General Information:

  • When using Gojung Sogi (fixed stance) the weight must be distributed 50/50, whilst keeping the feet in an L-shape stance.
  • Mori (the head) should only be used in extreme circumstances.
  • The starting position for pattern Won-Hyo is Moa Junbi Sogi ‘A’.
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