8th Kup


Terminology Applicable to 8th Kup


Dan-Gun (21 movements): Dan-Gun is named after the Holy Dan-Gun, the legendary founder of Korea in the year 2333 BC.

Body Parts:
Ap Kumchi Front sole – is used for front kick and turning kick.
Balkal Footsword – is used for side piecing kick and back piecing
Dwit Chook Back heel – is used for reverse turning kick.
Sonkal Knifehand
Sonkal Dung Reverse knifehand
Attacking movements:
Bandae Dollyo Chagi Reverse turning kick
Dollyo Chagi Turning kick
Nopunde Ap Jirugi High front punch
Sonkal Yop Taerigi Knifehand side strike
Yop Cha Jirugi Side piecing kick
Defensive movements:
Chookyo Makgi Rising block – in walking stance.
Sang Palmok Makgi Twin forearm block – in L- stance.
Sonkal Daebi Makgi Knifehand gaurding block – in L – stance.
Ban Jayoo Matsoki Semi – free sparring – (Both attacker & defender start in L – stance)
Jayoo Matsoki Free sparring – (Both attacker & defender start in L – stance)
Sambo Matsoki Three – step sparring – ( Attacker in walking stance – defender in parallel stance)
Hechyo Break/Seperate
Gaesok Continue
Jeuii Warning
Kamjom Demerit/Minus point
Silkyok Disqualification

General Information:

  • Rising block is classified as a front block, so it must be performed full facing.
  • Front block (Ap Makgi) is when the blocking tool finishes at the centre line & the body is full facing.
  • When performing rising block, the fist must be over the opposite shoulder.
  • Three-step sparring may be practised using the same three of ANY attack.
  • Remember not to perform the high punch when returning to Chon-Ji.
  • Side block is when the body is kept half-facing whilst blocking.
  • Dan-Gun movements 13 & 14 are performed in continuous motion Yonsok Dong Jak
  • The 4 defensive movements in pattern Dan-Gun are:
    1. Sonkal Daebi Kaunde Makgi in niunja sogi,
    2. Sang Palmok Makgi in niunja sogi,
    3. Bakat Palmok Najunde Makgi in gunnon sogi, and
    4. Chookyo Makgi in gunnon sogi.
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