UK Open 2011

The 2011 UK Open took place at Spectrum, Guildford on Saturday 12th November, featuring 423 competitors from 85 schools of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Belgium, India and Slovenia. A full day of tough competition was very well managed by the Masters, Umpires and Tournament Committee. It was a great opportunity for friends to reunite from within the UK and Europe, and special thanks are extended to Master Emin Durakovic and Mr Simon Jan of Slovenia, plus Mr Pascal Raeijmaekers of Belgium for bringing their very good competitors to England. Didcot TKD finished in 2nd place overall & medals were won by:

GOLD: Alison Fisher (2) and Overall Veteran Champion, Paris Carbonari, Spencer Lawley, Faye Miller, Liam Miller, Judith Kelly, Melissa Berenger.
SILVER: Louis Figon, Louise Morrow, Jamie Allen, Craig Irwin, Judith Kelly.
BRONZE: Kirsty Miller, Jamie Buchanan (2), Anna Durrance, Melissa Aird, Liam Miller, Jamie Allen.


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